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Hey everyone... Somethings about to happen.... Keep watching.
  UO Players Online                                    

Come join the fun!

S.P.E. UO is an ultima online free server, a free server that is built according to the players requests. SPE is meant to be fun for all types of ultima online players. Fun for pvpers and pvmers alike. Balanced pvp, great pvm, custom dungeons, locations, and creatures to fit them. 

SPE has many things to offer. Tons of custom artifacts, monsters, quests, locations, and even some custom events you will see nowhere else. All of which are not too overpowering or completely different than the original. The classic artifacts will still be the best in the game, however the customs (if used right) can be quite helpful.

SPE will be edited according to how our players see fit to help their environment. With of course a vote from all the players. If it is a minor change that could only help or benefit your self the idea will be thrown. If it will benefit the whole community then action will be taken, to make sure that it is done asap...

So what do you say? Always want to see something in UO but cant ever find it? Let us add it for you.


            Server Specs.
*Fast paced, Fast gains, Fast everything,
*Runic tools can be found on certain monsters
*New quests/items/monsters added every day
*No skill cap
*345 stat cap with scrolls
*3 skills 70% when start out 
*75 all stats when starting
*Swing speed caped at .75 seconds
*Fc fcr 4/6
*Great newbie dungeon full of quests and things to do.
*Great newbie quest to get a few things to start out with.

Be warned this is merely the beginning there is far more to come...

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